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Stacking Cakes
1 session 3 hrs $60.00

In this class you will learn to level cakes properly using dowels. Class will provide tools for stacking and dowels. We will discuss the different material you can use for stacking and how to transport tiered cakes. 

Student needs to bring a 6" and 8" cake for stacking. Both cakes need to be leveled and frosted. 

Prerequisite: Cake Decorating 101 or knowledge of leveling and frosting a cake.

Course fee $60.00 Session 3 hrs

Advance Buttercream  Flowers  - 
1 session 3 hrs

Learn advance Buttercream flowers such as Ranunculus, Chrysanthemum, Petal flowers, Anemone, and Sunflowers. In this class flowers will be geared to the season. During the fall you will learn how to make succulent flowers. We will make frosting in class to show the right consistency. 

Practice frosting will be provided and tools for class usage. This is a one day course for 3 hours.

Course fee $50.00

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